Main Arena of Work- Academic Milestones!

I have largely been engaged in almost everything pertaining to study all my life. I have always reveled studying, enjoyed the classes at school, enjoyed self-study and also thoroughly enjoyed helping people out understand. My special bonds with all my teachers, including the Principal, subject teachers, class teachers, sports/ dance/ music teachers, led to a very positive response of my brain in academics. In this process of learning, there were various external exams, contests, exhibits/ conferences relating to all subjects of study and interest, in which I participated and fortunately, earned precious lifetime awards and accolades. This journey through innumerable exams continues all year, with some months having almost 3-4 exams (practically all weekends occupied). All this apart from the daily school projects, activities, competitions, exams…This demanding schedule with vigorous hours of regular study has nicely groomed my skills in all aspects. We will go through some important ones. Here I would express the exhilarating experience of getting awards on the stage. The cheer, the glitter, the medals/ trophies, the guests of honor and the announcements have always set my heart thumping. This is another motivation to keep going on the track.