Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) Olympiads

My journey with SOF:
These were my life’s first exams and ever since, I have been very excited to appear for these every year. Beginning in 3rd grade, I list down my achievements from both stages of these olympiads.
1) Std. 10- ACADEMIC-EXCELLENCE-SCHOLARSHIP-AWARD-highest cumulative marks in 4 Olympiads (English-IEO, Math-IMO, Science-NSO, Cyber-NCO) in state
2) Gold-medals-of-Excellence in state (stage1-NSO, IMO, NCO) in grades-7, 8, 9, 10.
3) International #1 NSO(finals, grade-8) and NCO(finals, grade-3)
4) International #2 NSO(finals, grade-4) and NCO(level-1, grade-5)
5) International #3 NSO(finals, grade-6)
6) Perfect score-IMO (grades-8, 9)
7) Among school topper in almost all years’ level-1 and 2 in all grades-3 to 11 in all 4 Olympiads.
8) Had my picture printed on cover page of nationally published NSO workbook.

A few essential details about these national/ international olympiads:
The science tournament, branded as NSO (National Science Olympiad), is a rigorous academic and scholastic aptitude competition on the pattern of the Sports Olympiad. The event encompasses various science disciplines, namely, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
The scholarship winner, from each class, will be the student who obtains highest cumulative marks in any 4 Olympiad exams during the year. Under AES, one student from each class each state is selected for scholarship.