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Life has been eventful.
And here, I present my life, the small small pleasures of life woven into it. When I look back, at times I become overwhelmed with the volume of things I have done.
I have a lot to tell you. The fact that most parts of this site are perpetually governed by pictures will prove my simplistic love of collecting memories- any type, all types, no matter the importance they carry for people, because these are exactly those things that have moulded me into whatever I am today in all dimensions, mental and otherwise.
And, none of the activities done are out of mere conscious control, none done for the sake of doing them. It’s all a product of disco-ing ideas squared and luck cubed, with a “tiny” effort everywhere to make the best of the moment, to bring out my best to bestify whatever I do. While my sentences will show my nature of trying to scrunch loads of content into apparently straightforward work, this will be much more evident when you work your way through the site. It is very true that I want everything possible, even when I know the rare possibility of that happening. Well, can’t help it.

This profile is not just a photo gallery, but largely meant to be an inspirational story of an almost 18-year old girl who believes in this:
Keep walking ahead, as when you look back, even the valleys will look like small hills. The different stages of life bring with them a whole repertoire of emotions, ideas and challenges. Also, regret is a thing of the present, goes away with time. Even guilt is fascinatingly powerful, and self realization a must at all steps. I hope you can live the moments I had lived in.

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