My Poetic Self

Another way to channelize expression of one’s inner, I found, was writing poetry. I especially adore complex sentence structures and try to inculcate what I learn from people all the way. I have authored quite a lot of poems, but many of them have been hidden in school records. I present here all those that I have with me. (My handwriting is nice too!)

Literature Activity

We had a story “The Best Christmas Present in the World”, actually an excerpt from Thomas Hardy’s Far from the Madding Crowd. It showed Sergeant Troy, a soldier. It was about the two army fronts (at war, but on a Christmas day holiday) coming together to play a game and rejoice the festival, despite the grim war. So we were supposed to write a letter from Sergeant to the opposite team, about whatever we wanted to convey as Christmas greetings. So here:


A hundred delicacies in a Christmas feast
A hundred nations fuss for feat
The way each dish has its own flavour
Each realm asserts its own grandeur
Yet the ecstasy of the whole fiesta
Is like the fullness savoured by worship in Bethesda
Rejoice together as one blooming bud,
We all are sons of the same flesh and blood
He devised us to form the grace of this land Not mar His own creation with a metal strand
Let's not stain this pure, white snow
Of this Christmas and the next
Care for the mothers, wives and daughters who know
How to care and dwell in solace
The gay spirits of Christmas cannot be undone by the subtle irony...
Merry Christmas, Tommies
And hope this Christmas turns out to be MERRY

  • We had a nature poetry competition where I bagged the 1st place. Here:


The universe evolved after the Big Bang,
Generating all the energy present on earth today.
But when god tuned up his harp, it sang,
All the colours present in our lives this day.

These colours of happiness,
Could not just be scattered around.
Your Highness had to think of a way,
To get them bound.

Thus, was this beauty created,
And named partly after father’s bow.
Raindrops disperse their colours, as a mark of respect to the Sun,
And so was the incarnation called Rainbow.

When the arc of emotions sets across the sky,
Some still believe the evolution was from a gold pot.
The elder and younger all say “My, my”,
Such is the bow which cannot be knot.

VIBGYOR, as is the mnemonic,
Fills itself in His painting palette.
God, at the verge of being harmonic,
Strokes it out on the sky canvas with all his talent.

The rainbow covers all the minds,
Wraps them in its envelope, alike,
From top to bottom does it wind,
Filling with joy whenever in sight.

It tells us,
Not to underestimate white,
From which develops the magnificent spectrum,
Of the numerous peacock lights.

The sky loves the rainbow,
As it forms its grace and charm.
Though how able human may be,
He cannot grow it on his farm!

(The heading means rainbow in Spanish)

  • We had a poetry competition on relationships where I bagged the 1st place. Here:


The Epitome of Tenderness and Love

Right from putting me to sleep in my cradle
You have always wrapped me in the warmth of your love
With all the wise greyness and wrinkles of fret
Yes, Grandma! You are my world, my infinity.
Never has your joyful face greeted me without surprises
Your lap provided me enough treasure and peace to go back to the war of life
My life without you is incomplete; ‘I’ without ‘you’ is incomplete
God’s provided me with beautiful relations
But our bond of friendship stretches far beyond this world
All our confrontations ultimately strengthen this bond
Your selflessness and love teach me all the great lessons of life
Before all my exams you have worried more than me
You fill joy in all my achievements
You have given me more than what I deserve
You have devoted yourself to me for no profit of self
You have been the first one to call and inquire
You know how I feel each moment
From concepts of Chemistry to Philosophy, concepts of this universe and beyond…
You mean everything to me, EVERYTHING.

The vastness of the ocean cannot measure the vastness of your love.

  • One from my initial days, when I had just started to enjoy this process of poetry writing. To my wonder, it was published on my school’s literary blog. On my home:


I love my sweet home
’cause there’s no gnome
It’s full of love and care in the big dome
I love my sweet home.
’cause there’s no unselfishness, it’s known
It’s full of help and share in the honeycomb
I love my sweet home.