Birthday Frolic

My birthdate is a special day. Reason one is that it is always a national holiday, so I take joy in believing that the whole nation celebrates my day. It’s the 26th of January, the Republic Day of India, when the Constitution of India came into effect in 1950. Explains the deep patriotic feelings I have. There is more to the exact day in 2001, though. There was one of the most massive earthquakes in the Indian history in my home-state just hours before my birth. So I am a patriotic tremor baby!
Usually my school has Republic Day celebrations of which I am a part (dance/speech) and so can dress up to school on my birthday (which is normally not the case). That is another specialty.
The exact date is also deeply intertwined with my life:
(i) I was born on my parents first anniversary,
(ii) my maternal grandparents shared the same anniversary, 26 Jan,
(iii) two more near and dear girls were born on the same date,
(iv) 26 is my house-no.,
(v) it is also my old bestie’s house-no. And ALL of it is mere coincidence.

About birthdays in general. Birthdays have always excited me beyond anything, may it be my own birthday or anybody else’s. It is the unique annual opportunity to make yourself and/or people feel at the top of the world.