Sports- Those rare moments (but I wish for more!)

I was always chubby, and a bad couch-potato when young. Ever so often surrounded with either my story books or my television (Shinchan!!). I had all such hobbies which could only render me sedentary. I never used to go out to play at home or in school. The only times I ran after a ball or raced on the field was during the mandatory assessments in the PE period. Though there have been two golden days in history when I actually did WIN something in sports:

1. Kindergarten--- I stood 2nd in a race, and am so proud of that tiny trophy. In my picture of that day, look at my proud and satisfied expression!
2. 6th grade--- I was made the captain of my football team in one practice match, and as a result HAD TO play. None of the teams made any goals during the main game. Then came the penalty shootout. And then, I stood in front of a fat goalie, and kicked, and it hit the net in the very corner. Everyone cheered, and we had won the game by 1/0.
Please don’t assume that I don’t like sports. I really like doing everything, including sports but only that I used to be conscious. I used to play table tennis quite well (as I thought). I have done gymnastics for 4 years only to get to a handstand. My aerobics teacher used to love me. I tried my hand at badminton, volleyball, swimming, because all these were part of the curriculum. But I am sure I was not persistent in my efforts to succeed in sports back then; my mind was preoccupied with so much more. But given the opportunity in the future, I am sure I will not let sports become my weakness any longer.