Souvenirs- Those little prized possessions

I am very fond of collecting souvenirs. Wherever I travel to, I make sure that I have brought back any small pamphlet or piece of tissue or cupcake sticker or broken threads of wool or pressed pennies or pencils or keychains that are novel to that place. I have a huge collection of my own, and apart from that, because so many of our friends now know about my passion, everyone brings boatloads of things for me from wherever they travel to. Also, I have received a lot from my huge international network at the IBOs. Hence I now have cute goodies from U.S.A., U.K., Iran, China, Peru, Philippines, South Africa, Germany, Mexico, Japan, Belarus, Australia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Kazakhstan etc. Thank you so much everybody! My closets are overflowing now!
Besides literal souvenirs, I have preserved all my old notebooks, textbooks, school bags, diaries, hairbands, broken earrings, birthday cards, dried nail paints. I also have preserved my broken green nail (owing to crushing it between a door and a wall) and all my fallen milk teeth :-p
I love going through all of these again and again and transporting myself into the world so different from the existing one.