Shadowing at Dr. Vakil's Dental Multispeciality Centre

My mom is a dental surgeon. Everyday she used to discuss with me her complicated cases and different procedures she did. Also, I have spent a lot of time in her clinic as a child. I was always excited about these things. Then when I got my braces, I was introduced to this field of orthodontics. How do they know where, how much torque to be applied to correct the following dentition and so on...? So I decided to get myself a more detailed exposure during my summer break. In Dr. Vakil’s Multispeciality Centre for Dental Excellence, there is also a pediatric orthodontist and an oral surgeon, so I had triple advantage.
I used to observe oral surgeries (fractures, impacted tooth, cyst removal) and orthodontic treatments. I also had the opportunity of doing cast-making and learning about x-rays and OPGs and a few dental abnormalities.