My Blog- BioPassion: Connecting Biology Lovers

A Product of the Realization of the Necessity to facilitate REAL BIOLOGY LEARNING.
A Means to make peers Believe in the fact that LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.
The initial motivation was the stereotypical mindset of rote learning in Biology among people. Luckily enough, after my prep for the IBO, I held a completely opposite opinion- Biology teaches us the logic behind what natural selection has unconsciously designed, and then implement in in various ways, most of which are awaiting discovery. This blog is meant to be a prime place to further the understanding of all aspects of pure Biology for students. This is a brain-storming place for people who love biology for the sake of the subject, and also for International Biology Olympiad aspirants.
It has a special place for my school's biology club, of which I am the founder and the President. It has all the proceedings of the club and is thus popular in my school.

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