Student Intern- Dr. Nath sir's Stress Biology PhD Laboratory

I know Nath sir from my IBO 2017 pre-departure camp, and he is one of the most loving mentors I have.
So I went to his research lab in S. P. University, Pune, in between my Bio national camp And PD camp 2018. It is popularly called as the Stress Biology lab, with two model organisms, Chironomus ramosus (Nath sir’s love) and Drosophila (as a support).From field to cultures to mol. Bio. techniques, I was an active part of all of them. My direct mentor there was Mrs. Thorat, another very loving one indeed. I used to accompany her everywhere.
I used to refer to a lot of books from Nath sir’s own library (a very rich one) and have nutella+biscuits with him during our question times. I used to have my lunch with the other people working in the lab who had become my special friends. Nath sir used to take us to his special coconut-wala where we used to relish sweet coconut water in the middle of the long days of work.
I share a special bond with Nath sir and wish him great success, always. Here I post some pictures from my novel research experience-